• 7KW

  • LED&Buttonless

  • Security&safety

  • Convenience


Eclair is an AC 7KW slow charger that can charge all EVs at home and abroad, and can charge 22KW in 3 hours. It has a low load on the vehicle's battery, providing low risk, high durability, and reliable charging. The 2020 iF Design Award also offers a differentiated design from other chargers.


The Eclair is equipped with eight LEDs without a separate button, which allows the user of the electric vehicle to visually indicate the state of charge and all actions, and provides complete LED control under any weather conditions. Also, it is easy to understand abnormal information, so you can solve problems can be solved.


Eclair is equipped with RFID Module and can only be charged with the Dong Yang E&P’s standard Oriental Eclair card when purchasing basic products, preventing non-user access. Also, the design of the improved internal system passed by IEC and KC certification in Korea detects leakage without the construction of a separate leakage breaker (ELCB).


Eclair can help organize the lines in the layered space of the charger by placing the charging gun inside the charger, and it is designed to reflect the convenience of customers with the integrated charging cable structure. Also, the AC cap can be connected from the outside without opening it separately, so it has a simple construction tool.

7K Specification

  • Type

    Type 1, 220Vac

  • Max output current


  • IP

    IP 44

  • Max. DC power


  • Size(WxDxH)


  • charging time

    3h~4h(22KW) / 8h~9h(63kw)

  • Starting Voltage

    220Vac +/- 10%

  • efficiency


  • Protection Function

    Excessive voltage / Over Current / Lightning protection

  • Rated Frequency


  • Display


  • Installation type

    Stand type / Wall type

  • Rated output voltage


  • standard

    KC 61851-1,22

  • Weight(kg)


  • input current


  • certification


  • user authentication

    RFID Card, Credit card