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Dong Yang E&P is always by our customers’ sides.

Our company was established in 1987 as Dong Yang Electronics Industries Co.,LTD. and changed its current name to Dong Yang E&P when it registered on KOSDAQ in 2005. Dong Yang ENP is a provider of Power Solution and Energy Solution products, delivering and collaborating with global companies.

Problems and interests in the environment in the late 2000s have become a global issue. The policies of each government that contribute to environmental problems show a change in the energy industry paradigm following the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Therefore, based on the momentum of charging, which is an advantage of the existing business, we are making intensive investment and research on technologies in the solar and electric vehicle industries.

Dong Yang E&P aims to contribute to the preservation of the global environment with the constant capacity and efficient development system, and grow into a global group specializing in renewable energy.

Energy total Solution

Experience the Energy Total Soultion with Dongyang E&P

We can generate electricity with our excellent designed energy system and construction technology And it can power the house, charge the electric car, and sell surplus power. Dongyang E&P is with you in your new experience and energy life.

Company Profile

  • A

    Credit ratingA

    Dong Yang E&P trusts in credit rating A, the only rating against a competitor

  • Kosdaq

    2005 KOSDAQ listing

    Founded in 1987 and
    listed on KOSDAQ in 2005

  • 5

    Five –regional production bases in 4 countries.

    Pyeongtaek Republic of Korea (headquarters), R&D Center (Suwon), Hanoi ,Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, Qingdao China, and, Noida India

  • Network

    A/S construction network in the all parts of the country.

    Establishment of agency with A/S construction network in the all parts of the country

  • R&D Hub

    R&D Center

    Operate independent R&D center (150 researchers) to carry out research and development in eco-friendly and new energy fields, and play a key role in creating new businesses

  • No.1

    The first place in the Home Solar PCS.

    The industry’s first domestic PCS junction box built in Home Solar PCS.

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